Sweet as!

Sweet as!

Outside the (lunch)box thinking

Zoe Hickford and Grace O'Dowda have created edible food wrap using gummy bears. The two Highlands Intermediate Students went with gummy bears, as these lollies were best at melting down to a clear and smooth wrap.

After four weeks experimenting with the mix the end result apparently held it’s taste too!

This wrap wouldn’t have the binding qualities needed for our customers and, let’s face it, those with a sweet tooth would probably find disposal difficult. We do have the next best thing however.

Our new FutureWrap product has a similar sweet and sustainable origin. This bio-based pallet wrap takes 50% of its raw material from sugar cane, which is extracted from the unused residual flow during sugar production. 


Both the gummy bear wrap and our FutureWrap have created a lot of interest over the last month. Clearly there’s an appetite for change. If you think this biowrap could work for your business get in touch and we’ll see what we can do about sending out a sample roll. 

In the meantime, we wish Zoe and Grace all the best in the upcoming expo. The future looks like it’s in good hands with your innovative thinking.


While the Witt Taranaki Science and Technology Fair in New Plymouth has yet to run, one early entrant has already created a lot of interest.

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