A ‘carrot and stick’ offer

A ‘carrot and stick’ offer

With so many companies battling through challenging times now is not the time to be leaving things to chance while transporting goods around the DC.

It’s why the Stabulon anti-slip paper sheets are so helpful for making quick gains in a cost-effective manner. These recyclable, reusable sheets can be placed by hand. As there’s no extra equipment needed, it’s easy to trial this easy-use pallet product. 

Now we’re making it even easier for those thinking of trying out this simple but effective approach to product control during the pre-packaging and transportation stages.

Here’s the carrot: We’re offering 3 companies a free trial offer of Stabulon. The first three who email [email protected] with ‘Anti-slip’ and your contact details will receive a super sample pack.

And the stick? That’s the incredibly high friction coefficient on both sides of the Stabulon paper sheet – a bond that ensures some goods can be leaned up to an incredible 42° before slipping. No more slip-ups, tip-ups or stuff-ups – that’s a real advantage when things get busy at your DC!

Don’t sleep on this anti-slip Stabulon deal

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