Battling product damage?

Battling product damage?

It’s time to stick with Stabulon


Are you sick of the same old story with products slipping off pallets as they are transported around the distribution centre? Then you might appreciate this gripping tale…

There is no doubt that New Zealand’s many companies distributing products have stepped up both their short and long term efficiency gains in 2020. With the need to work smarter many businesses are now investing in semi-automation or simply reassessing how ‘things were always done’.

We’re proud to help out – our site audits are uncovering a range of ways to more productively bind together and send secure. However we’re still hearing of product damage before the pallet even reaches the pallet wrapper.

When this occurs we’re always quick to recommend Stabulon’s anti-slip paper sheets to customers. These easy-use, recyclable, reusable sheets can be placed by hand and, with no extra equipment needed, they’re highly efficient and cost-effective.

These paper sheets have a high coefficient of friction on both sides, meaning some goods can be leaned up to an incredible 42° before slipping. This makes them the perfect solution for moving goods around the distribution centre before pallet packaging – and it also prevents the problem of product layers shifting during shipping and handling.

There’s no reason to let efficiency gains slip away with poor product control during the pre-packaging and transportations stages.

To find out more about how Stabulon can help your quickly prevent loose product losses click here.

Loose products sink shipping

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