Comfort food!

Comfort food!

With a little extra time on our hands during lockdown many of us have turned to the kitchen to keep life interesting – with some decidedly delicious results!

Yes, by now some may have lost that initial overwhelming joy for all things sourdough. But that doesn’t mean some of the discoveries from lockdowns past aren’t continuing to provide culinary contentment. After all, in these stressful times who doesn’t want another comforting go-to recipe? Such was the case for Olivia Bull, our Customer Care Manager, who discovered this slow-cooker stunner.

“This is one I tried during lockdown last year and I’ve kept doing it ever since,” says Olivia. “It’s just sooo good!”


How to make superb slow cooker pizza focaccia bread

One. Make sure you’ve got a slow cooker.

Two. In a big bowl mix together:

3 cups of self-raising flour

2 cups of warm water

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sweet chilli sauce and mixed herbs

Three: Mix well and put in slow cooker

Four: Add toppings that you’ll enjoy, including, but perhaps not limited to:

Bacon, cheese, mushrooms, tomato, onion, garlic and capsicum

Five: Then cook for hour and a half on high.

Six: Leave to cool just a little or, if you’re the impatient type, get ready for a hot, delicious meal along with a burnt roof of the mouth.  


Pictured below is an example of the final outcome. It looks delicious Livvy – bring some in to the office some time?

Olivia’s delicious pizza focaccia bread

Livvys baking

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