On a recent research trip to the United States our visits to Pack Expo 2018 and a world-leading pallet wrapping test facility provided plenty of food for thought with how ‘the internet of things’ is helping New Zealand’s pallet packaging measure up and step ahead.

At first glance it may seem somewhat counter-productive for a business to work on helping customer use less of its products. Yet much of our effort each day goes into helping our customers do more with less.

Much of the modern world is struggling to move from a ‘disposable culture’ to a ‘reusable’ one. We live on a finite world and companies are increasingly being held accountable for their resource use. This impetus has helped provide a focus for efforts around the globe.

We’re helping Kiwi businesses use less wrap, but do more with it.

Pack Expo Wulftec 2

We’re helping Kiwi businesses use less wrap, but do more with it. However we can’t affect change if we don’t know exactly what is being used in the first place, how we can improve it, and how we can track and monitor this change to ensure a consistently superior result.That’s where the ‘internet of things’ comes into play. This is the term given to how a huge variety of physical objects can now collect data and connect with others to provide a wide range of helpful information.

Our remote film monitoring system fits comfortably into this area, it’s ability to plug in to wrapping units to feed data in real time back to a central location is proving very helpful for companies looking to cut down on time, waste and costs.

We’ve made a considerable investment in this approach over the last two years and so a recent trip Stateside proved both inspiring and vindicating.

After attending Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago over the course of two days we were then invited to tour the home base of Atlantic Packaging in North Carolina.


Atlantic is trusted to wrap the products of such massive brands as Coca-Cola with good reason. They lead the world in researching, understanding and putting into action improvements in stretch film and its application.

Their operation here was an eye-opener – this is a massive facility geared to deliver big results to the North American market. With a Packaging Film Lab, a Packaging Solution Center and even a Stretch film University you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed.

We were certainly occasionally lost in thought. It was very interesting to see the technologies they were working with, and the processes they were using. In many areas the scale of evolution and improvement Atlantic are delivering is truly incredible. Yet in other ways some good old Kiwi innovation means we are trailblazing how the technology is applied too.

We’ve now returned keener than ever to share the ‘ins and outs and around-abouts’ of our remote film monitoring with companies throughout New Zealand. If you’d like to book a site visit send us an email and we’ll book in a time to come see you.

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