Connections that count


With some quick calls and a supportive network, we helped an important Kiwi charity deliver to those who need it most during New Zealand’s lockdown.

Good things come in all packages

Kiwiharvest Image 1

A recent email from KiwiHarvest provided food for thought for one of our team members. The charity required assistance and, when it became obvious to UP’s Jed Goudie that we couldn’t offer a solution directly, he reached out to our client network to see who could help. 

Kiwiharvest works hard to ‘rescue’ good food that various supermarkets, wholesalers, producers, cafes, restaurants, and hotels cannot sell or use, be it due to oversupply, damaged packaging, cancelled orders or any other reason.

From there they box it up and send the fruit and vegetables to households in need. The quality fresh food delivers vital sustenance and nutrition to families while drastically cutting down on food waste by New Zealand businesses.

The charity has now delivered over ten million meals to Kiwi homes and demand (and food supply) continues unabated. But, when lockdown started, their box supplier closed down.


“We were in a double whammy situation,” says Gavin Findlay from KiwiHarvest. “Our normal supplier of used banana boxes had closed its doors and we have had a massive increase in donated produce and other food products.”

The charity urgently needed approximately 3000 boxes to ensure they could continue to operate over a four to six week period. Which is how an email arrived at the doorstep of Universal Packaging.

Jed put Gavin in touch with Andrew ‘AJ’ Picken from Freshmax Auckland. AJ was able to supply a number of pallets of citrus boxes and quickly made it happen.

Freshmax has been a loyal customer of Universal Packaging for a while now and we’re happy to do all we can to help the busy company, especially when they show simple kindness and integrity during these challenging times.

These win-win-win situations are just another way we can work together to keep New Zealand tight-knit communities pitching in and helping out. Cheers to AJ and the Freshmax team and cheers to Gavin and KiwiHarvest and their continued great work.

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