Business as (un)usual

Business as (un)usual

Business as (un)usual


As an essential business it’s now our job to stay open safely and ensure our customers can maintain a reliable source of pallet wrap.

With some big changes around the office and many of team working from home, we’re doing everything in our power to deliver for your deliveries.

We’re also staying in close contact with our suppliers and can confirm that none have been dramatically affected in production by the outbreak of the virus. Of course, this is a fast-changing industry environment and we will keep all of our customers up to date via email, social media and other channels if necessary.

But for now, you can be confident we have a robust supply of wrapping product, with more on the way too. 

We also know some of you may be having difficulty sourcing other products at this time. If you need any of the following we will be able to help:

  • Pallet top covers and sheets
  • Pallet bases
  • Pallet corner boards
  • Anti-slip sheets

You can find our standard range of these here, but if you're looking for a different size or specification let us know, we may have it available. 

If you need anything specific or have any other questions please get in touch with Jed Goudie. You can email him here, or give him a call on 021 220 1053

This is an important time in our country’s history. How we act now will have direct, potentially large consequences in the future. Stay safe everyone! 

Covid19 and pallet wrap supply

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