Danone’s DC decision

Danone’s DC decision

Small is beautiful and less is more at Danone Nutricia. After struggling with another pallet wrapping product for some time the adoption of Nanowrap’s many super-fine, ultra-strong layers has resulted in less breakages, less waste, less time and less cost.

Internationally Danone Nutricia has a well-earned reputation for their scientific approach to nutrition. The company is known for the level of research and expertise in their clinical studies, and for their close working relationships with healthcare professionals.

From their Auckland plant Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition provides a range of nutritional formulas and supplements to help keep New Zealand’s mums and babies healthy and happy.

The adoption of Nanowrap’s many super-fine, ultra-strong layers has resulted in less breakages, less waste, less time and less cost.

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We needed to help advance their packaging processes, ensuring a healthy bottom line and a happy distribution centre team. This Auckland distribution centre is a busy place, with orders going out to hospitals and trade customers across Australia and New Zealand. Goods needed to be secured with care, and quickly. However the previous pallet wrap in use was breaking at a not inconsiderable frequency. Darryn Moore, Assistant Plant Manager at Danone Nutricia, saw the consequences of an inferior product up close. “We were dumping half rolls because they just kept breaking,” says Darryn. “It was a frustrating process for everyone here.”

Once Universal shared the figures and undertook the testing the decision to switch to Nanowrap was therefore easy. The change occurred in 2016, and since then the Danone DC has been humming. “Now (using Nanowrap) we don’t have to stop and pull the roll off all the time,” says Darryn, “The line just keeps on running.” Darryn states that the difference between the two wrap products “was chalk and cheese, it went from being really bad to super good.” It’s not just the time improvements that have helped at Danone Nutricia. The cost-effectiveness and general efficiency of Nanowrap has ensured pallet productivity has gone up, as has the confidence that goods will be sent out exactly when needed. “With output we are getting more pallets per roll with Nanowrap,” says Darryn. “And we’ve always got it close by – that’s vital. Next day supply by Universal Packaging is excellent. If we ever run out of stock it’s here before we know it, which is crucial to the delivery commitments to our customers.” This service, parts and maintenance backup has resulted in the company choosing Universal to supply further strapping lines.

True to their reputation, Danone Nutricia has also continued to look at innovative new distribution methods too, particularly with how the company can surpass it’s sustainability targets. Universal is currently testing a biodegradable film to see if this approach can cut waste while ensuring adequate protection of goods. Both teams are now looking forward to the arrival of many perfect packages in the future.

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