A twist in the tail? What to look for, how to fix it.

A twist in the tail? What to look for, how to fix it.

For the perfectionists, the sight of a film tail dangling from the side of a wrapped pallet is enough to set the teeth on edge. And, honestly, they’re absolutely right to be irritated. A pallet wrap tail isn’t just a bad look – they can be time-consuming, costly and altogether dangerous too.

Pallet film tails often occur in ambient or cooler environments when the tack on the film is not strong enough to do the job when the temperature drops.

Occasionally when hand wrapping, a wrap tail can be left dangling. Once the pallet moves away from the wrap process a number of things can go wrong due to this loose end.

Here are the three main reasons why every pallet should be perfect.

FIlm tail 2

1. Shuttle racking shutdowns

When shuttle racking the sensors can be very sensitive. That means that if there are any film tails the sensors will stop the entire system. From here the pallet must be retrieved and often re-wrapped before being placed back into storage. Time, money and plastic costs increase each time this happens.

2. Accidents waiting to happen

Like walking with an untied shoe, a loose tail simply increases the odds of an unfortunate (but entirely avoidable) accident. And, unlike a loose shoelace, the pallet tail can cause more than scraped elbows and bruised egos. That’s because tails can get caught in heavy equipment, such as conveyors, roller belts and forklifts. The consequences to anyone nearby can be horrific.

 3. Damage in transit

If a film tail continues to unravel during transportation there is a good chance the load will become unsteady and, in some cases, collapse entirely. When this occurs it can be highly dangerous not only to the driver of the vehicle but also the operators at the receiving end.

Use the right wrap.

New pallet wrap products have increased tack to ensure the wrap properly adheres to itself when applied correctly. Films with insufficient or inconsistent tack cause headaches when it comes to securing the film tail at the end of the pallet wrapping process.

Our Polarshield wrap is specifically formulated to ensure it maintains cling in colder temperatures. The 100% recyclable pallet wrap also provides both elastic memory and considerable puncture resistance within the harsh freezer environment.


Get the right equipment.

Upgrading to a machine with a quality heat sealer doesn’t just save time – it also saves considerable stress and the potential for loose tail-related carnage down the track.

Machines such as the Spinny S500 and Wulftec WRTA150 complete the film coverage then cut and seal the pallet wrap, ensuring no loose ends and no lost time and money. To find out more about this equipment, click here.


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