Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose

Yes, New Year’s resolutions are always helpful. However sometimes it’s even better to get some healthy momentum before moving into the silly season of bad habits and worse diets. After November’s 30 Day Wellness Challenge the team here is ensuring that in 2018 ‘all’s well that ends well’.

This challenge was to complete as many personal goals and challenges (or things outside of your comfort zone) in 30 days. Everyone kept notes of their various achievements and then at the end of the challenge everyone’s complete list was submitted anonymously. After a team-wide vote an overall winner was announced, along with prizes for the best supporter and the biggest individual challenge completed.

Olivia Bull has won the inaugural Universal Packaging 30 Day Wellness Challenge.

Olivia’s goals were to walk 150,000 steps in 30 days (5,000 steps per day), drink a minimum 750ml of water daily, start a new exercise and reduce her intake of problem foods. After a month she’d walked 166,891 steps, took up roller wheel and well and truly met her other targets. Now she is keen to tackle the Waitarere Beach 10km fun run in 2019.

It wasn’t just the big goals that made the difference – the everyday results were just as helpful.

“I found I wasn’t nearly as tired at the end of the day,” says Olivia. “I encouraged my husband to get on board with healthy eating, which was great support. And the medical check-up at the end delivered perfect results.”

Olivia states that one lesson was particularly helpful – drinking water at specific times.

“Drinking water before food really helps,” she says. “Often you’ll think you’re hungry but instead you are just dehydrated and thirsty.”

Olivia’s focus and discipline lead the way. However hers was not the only success, the rest of the team getting right behind the challenge with a huge variety of achievements.

Some didn’t eat fast food for the entire month. Others biked to work each day. There were Tongariro crossings and spin classes and gym memberships and healthy diets and much, much more. We’re proud of the team’s many victories, and highly recommend other companies take up the challenge.

For Universal marketing coordinator and event organiser Emily Barnier the Wellness Challenge has been an incredible experience.

“Everyone has commented on how great they feel and, team wide there’s an increase in energy,” says Emily. “A lot of the good habits have become ingrained, and many of the team are now setting bigger goals for themselves.

“When I saw another company using this event I wasn’t sure if the team here would embrace it, and didn’t anticipate such a positive result. Now we’re all talking through how to do another challenge in 2019. Perhaps an 8 or 12 week one this time?”

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