It is easy being green

It is easy being green

The change to a more sustainable use of resources (and the reasons why we must do so) often seems overwhelming. We’re all about the ‘win-win’ approach – there are ways you can help the next generation while helping your bottom line.

Change can be difficult if the immediate consequences seem even slightly irritating or negative. So it’s about acting smarter, using less and, yes, saving money. However when it comes to sustainability tips there’s also a lot of, well, ‘rubbish’ out there. It can get confusing and even the right intentions can actually do more harm than good.

Just as there’s no point changing from plastic shopping bags to canvas ones if you’re buying far too many canvas bags, so too is it not helpful to use less plastic wrap if the subsequent product damage uses more resources in the long run.

That’s why we’ve put together a few simple ways you change for good. Here are our top 3 pallet sustainability tips:

Sustainable practice makes perfect

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1) Use the right wrapping product. While it’s not for every operation we’re finding Nanowrap is providing considerable savings to many companies that have adopted it over the last year. One of our clients was ordering two pallets of traditional wrap each month. With Nanowrap this order is down to just one pallet every 6 months. And we’re not stopping there – keep an eye out for some big news with our product development in 2019.

2) Get your equipment into pole position. With small tweaks to existing set-ups centimetres can turn into kilometres of less travel, which not only saves time but also creates greater efficiencies in fuel use and equipment replacement. We help our customers scope and improve their equipment positioning, staging areas and other key zones to ensure everything is working at its best.


3) Give used wrap a good home. We work with Pioneer Group to help ensure our customers have a quick, easy way to recycle used wrap. Their plastic compactors are the best in the market. Get in touchwith us if you’d like to know more.


We also take an inward focus to our own sustainability approach here at Universal. That’s why we’re continuing to adapt and improve in our work. Here are 3 general sustainability approaches we’ve also taken to heart.


1) Something to chew over. Food waste is a massive drain on our planet’s resources – it’s estimated that limiting food waste could add $252 billion to the world economy each year.  With the right storage approach you can save leftovers, with only a small area you can grow herbs at home, with the proper approach you won’t be throwing away food. It’s all easy stuff that makes a real difference.

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