Yes, we can - Jamestrong Christchurch packs tight and right

Yes, we can - Jamestrong Christchurch packs tight and right

Jamestrong knows the importance of a good reputation and their customer’s peace of mind – and how both can only be achieved with an unerring focus on the highest of standards.

That’s why the busy can manufacturer needs to make sure their operation is 100% perfect. From the raw materials, through production, into shipping and on to final use, everything is carefully measured, assessed and maintained.

Using Clearwrap, the newest Jamestrong facility in Christchurch is making sure this perfection in packaging occurs.

Jamestrong Christchurch packs tight and right

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With six plants throughout Australia and New Zealand supplying a considerable range of international brands the company has a lot of experience to call on both from within their team and those of their trusted suppliers.

“We’d been supplying their (Jamestrong’s) Hastings site for a while, so it was a natural progression to working with their new Christchurch operation when they opened a year and a half ago,” says Universal Packaging’s Technical Consultant Garth Hill.

“Of course, you can’t rest on your laurels, so we needed to make sure everything was right on site – and that it stayed that way.”

Jamestrong takes pride in being ‘experts at every level’ in their operation, ensuring that their products, everything from food and nutrition steel cans to aerosol cans, are made precisely, reliably and sustainably to the highest benchmarks. This diligent precision has far-reaching effects.

“Synlait Milk is their biggest customer and they are very stringent when it comes to well-wrapped pallets. There can’t be any gaps. In this way they make certain cans are not compromised, damaged or contaminated,” says Garth. “So Jamestrong needed quality packaging backed by reliable service.”

Ali Yaqubi, Operations Support at the Christchurch facility, certainly appreciates the service put in by the team.

“Universal Packaging play a really big role in ensuring our deliveries are dispatched on time, on spec and in a condition we know will be delivered safely to our customers,” he says.

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