The journey and the destination:

Life on the road for our sales team


With the ever-changing lockdown landscape, we’re carefully negotiating every twist and turn in the road (when and where we can actually get out on the road). However, despite these challenging times, there are still a few things worth celebrating.

Here are a few snaps our sales team have taken on the road

Garth Travel 3


While we can get a lot done remotely there is still much of our work that needs us close up with a distribution operation on site. That’s why our jobs often find us on the road travelling both to the main centres and smaller towns around New Zealand.

And what a job it is! On a regular basis, we get to travel this beautiful country, to see some incredible sights, to meet a huge range of interesting people and to help them gain in their packaging processes. 

Jed travel


Thank you to all those who have welcomed us into their workplaces in 2020 – we look forward to many more site visits in the weeks, months and years ahead…


Garth Travel 1

Garth Drove through the Desert Road on an absolute cracker of a day!

Jed Travel

Jed wasn't so lucky...

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