Meet Stacey

Meet Stacey

Working as a Service Coordinator is a complicated and occasionally challenging role. Quality communication skills, in-depth product knowledge and unerring professional diligence are vital. Stacey’s skill-set and mindset are the perfect fit here.

Over the course of a year she has well and truly made the role her own, stepping up quickly to gain the necessary expertise and striding ahead with a comprehensive strength-in-solutions service mindset.

What brought you to the role at Universal Packaging?

The company has a fantastic reputation and, after seeing the role advertised, I thought it would be a great opportunity for my career and my continued development. I wanted a challenging role where I could enhance my skill-set and meet a great bunch of people. I found it at Universal.

What does a typical day look like in your job?

I’m encouraging and explaining to customers why they should service their machines with us, and I’m assisting other customers with any machine breakdowns that might occur. I’m also coordinating our wonderful service agents to ensure they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What are the highlights of your workday?

It’s the team here. My bubbly manager, Olivia, is always a great help. Then there’s the simple enjoyment that of dealing with a diverse range of staff and customers on a daily basis.

And some challenges?

There was a lot of learning of new products, equipment and machine parts in a very short period of time to get up to speed. Now that’s been done it’s simply trying to do the best job possible with each and every call.

How do you think your personal attributes help with the job?

I consider myself a very friendly and approachable person and am a quick learner. With so many diverse parts in my role I think this certainly helps!

A package of your three favourite things has turned up on your desk: what’s inside?

That’s easy – food, a puppy and a ticket to travel the world.

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