Emily Barnier

Emily Barnier

We are proud to announce the arrival of Emily Barnier to our Marketing Coordinator position. As this was a new role we were unsure exactly how everything would click into place for her. We needn’t have worried – Emily has taken to the busy workload with measured expertise and professionalism.


Here’s her quick-fire Q&A…

Emily v2

What brought you to Universal Packaging?

A few years into my marketing career I was looking for a new role that would challenge me and develop my skills. I also thrive off good vibes and good company culture. Universal ticked all those boxes, and is exceeding all my expectations. They’re an awesome bunch of people, with great work ethic, who also have a passion for good food. What more could I possibly want?

What does a typical day look like in your job?

So far every day has been different! Usually I spend the morning planning and responding to emails. That’s followed with proofing and approving advertising copy or promotional artwork, strategy meetings, planning upcoming tradeshows and a range of other marketing activities.

What are the highlights of your work day?

At the moment I’m loving taking everything in and learning as much as possible, I’ve got so much to learn from such a talented team. The stuff.co.nz morning quiz that we complete as a team is also a highlight!

And some challenges?

Learning everything has also been a challenge! It’s always a little bit tough being the new girl and trying to figure out everyone’s place and how the day-to-day looks like for everyone. I’m a massive team player so it’s really important to me that I am helping rather than hindering in any situation.

A package of your three favourite things has turned up on your desk: what’s inside?

1) A puppy (or multiple puppies – I wouldn’t object). Current faves include; German Shepherd, German Shorthaired Pointer, Vizlsa, Boxer, Doberman and Swiss Shepherd).

2) Gourmet food of some description, I’m a sucker for a hot chicken Laksa with Roti.

3) Two plane tickets to anywhere in the world.

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