Meet the team – Matt Goddin

Meet the team – Matt Goddin

What brought you to the role at Universal Packaging? I had the opportunity to join early on and, while I have mainly worked in the sales and marketing side I’ve also played customer service, dabbled in admin, loaded my fair share of trucks and cooked the odd BBQ over the years. So it’d be fair to say I’ve worked in most areas of the business!

Favourite memory working for Universal Packaging? There have been a lot of fond memories over the past 13 years so it’s hard to pick out one. I think for me the best times are when we receive positive feedback about the team from our valued clients, when they let us know someone has gone above and beyond. It reflects the positive can-do culture and the never-say-no attitude our team are so well known for.

What does a typical day look like in your job? That depends on what day of the week you’re talking about. Mondays are meetings with our teams, prepping for the week’s appointments and site visits with clients and prospective clients. Tuesday to Thursday I’m generally out and about with the sales team working to reduce application costs for New Zealand businesses. Friday is generally an office day to catch up with tasks and to plan for the next couple of weeks.

We finally managed to get our busy Sales and Marketing Manager to free up some time in his busy schedule to answer our quick-fire Q&A.

What are the highlights of your work day? The positive team atmosphere, feedback from happy clients, new clients coming onboard, positive daily reporting, listening to the team doing the morning quiz and birthdays (because it generally involves a lunch shout!)

And some challenges? Empowering team members to reach their potential and not micro-managing. Management of the lunchroom stocks of Dilmah English breakfast tea and ensuring there are no out of stock situations!

A package of your three favourite things has turned up on your desk: what’s inside?

1) A proven method of weight loss that doesn’t involve a reduction in the consumption of red meat, burgers and bourbon, and that doesn’t involve unrealistic amounts of sweaty exercise.

2) Unlimited tickets to travel anywhere in the world on Air New Zealand business class for the entire UP team and their immediate family, whenever, and with no finish date.

3) A weekly opportunity to choose three favourite things.


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