Nest egg - Nanowrap helps Ingham’s save for the future

Nest egg - Nanowrap helps Ingham’s save for the future

Back in 1918, Walter Ingham bought his son 6 hens and a rooster to look after on their bushland property in Sydney’s southeast. Walter Jr took to the work with dedication, growing the family business to a sizable empire, one that his sons Bob and Jack would take over in the 1950s.

Today Ingham’s are the largest integrated poultry producer across Australia and New Zealand. They employ over 8,000 people and supply major retailers, restaurant operators, food service distributors and wholesalers, and also produce and supply high quality stock feed to the poultry, pig, dairy and equine industries.

In New Zealand there are eight North Island locations used to raise, process and distribute their renowned product range. While a busy and thriving operation, Ingham’s are know they cannot afford to rest on their laurels. The company is consistently for ‘striving for world class operational excellence’.

In Hamilton, Ingham Feed and Nutrition have been working with the Universal Packaging team since 2014. In this time we’ve been making sure their produce is wrapped right and tight before it leaves their facility, and working alongside them to help the operation meet efficiency and waste minimisation goals.

This is a significant focus for Ingham’s sustainability strategy, which targets key areas in an overall ‘zero waste’ initiative. These include avoiding and reducing the amount of waste generation, identifying value-adding options for products, improving recycling rates and investigating suitable technologies to value add and convert waste into energy


“We’ve had noticeably less breakages with Nanowrap”


After working closely with Luke Hill, Ingham’s Hamilton Production Superintendant, we introduced Nanowrap to the distribution centre. By reducing waste and adding value the cutting edge pallet packaging ticked some important boxes.

By stretching 300%, Nanowrap has been proven to save 40% film per pallet wrapped. However the Universal team wanted to be sure the wrap could work as advertised for the busy Hamilton facility.

While it’s easy to make bold claims, the team takes prides in the expert analysis undertaken before any change is enacted. The last thing we wanted was to be left with egg on our face.

“If we can’t measure the gains then we won’t recommend the product,” says Universal Technical Consultant Matt Goddin. “We started Ingham’s on a trail with Nanowrap in April 2017. Since then we’ve been keeping an eye on how things are progressing.”

One big change has been in the reduction of ‘hands-on’ time needed in coordinating between the pallet wrap and wrapping equipment.

“We were constantly having to adjust rolls and tensions multiple times per roll,” says Luke Hill. “This meant substantial amounts of time lost to maintenance.”

“We’ve had noticeably less breakages with Nanowrap,” he continues. “Where as before we were having these adjustments throughout the life of a roll we now almost never have to.”

Luke is happy with the move to Nanowrap and happier still that such gains can be correctly measured too.

“The Universal team are always efficient and knowledgeable. They had all the data so we could make an informed decision on making any change.”

Now, with the move to Nanowrap 20 in July of this year, further gains have been made with both waste minimisation and cost cutting.

“Overall it (Nanowrap) has saved money by allowing staff to use the wrapper without interruption from breakages,” says Luke. “So we’ve increased efficiencies there, as well as reduced costs when compared with the previous product.”

With less wrap used and more pallets wrapped Ingham’s is helping to create a sustainable future for the company. That’s a pecking packing order we’re proud to assist with.

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