If loose lips sink ships then loose products can… well, it’s nothing quite that dramatic, but it’s destructive and costly all the same. With the arrival of our new easy-use grip sheets it’s easy to protect your pallet.

We’re happy to introduce Stabulon products to our Pallet Essentials range.  

Worried about product slippage?
It’s time to get a grip.

stabulo pallet cgp logo

These anti-slip paper sheets are the don’t-trip-get-a-grip answer for the ongoing problem of products layers shifting during shipping and handling. 

Thanks to the high coefficient of friction on both sides of each sheet, goods can be leaned up to 42° before slipping. While you’re not going to be tilting your pallets this way it’s a great demonstration of the gripping force at play.

Recyclable and reusable they’re extremely efficient and cost-effective. The sheets can be placed by hand too, so there are no specific equipment requirements. 

This makes them ideal for transporting goods around the distribution centre pre-packaging – a task that becomes far safer with the use of Stabulon. To find out more about this gripping new product simply click here.



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