Hand wrapping issues

Hand wrapping issues

Not very handy


Necessary evil or easily fixable? We take a look at how sub-standard pallet wrap is affecting New Zealand’s distribution efficiency and workplace health and safety.

We’re often writing about how impressive our hand wrapping products are – and the feedback from our customers certainly backs this up. However, with some companies a lack of knowledge is seriously hindering warehouse productivity while affecting employee wellbeing. Ignorance is not necessary blissful at all.

That’s why we’ve identified a few key issues to check for with your current hand wrap.

4 ways inferior hand wrap is holding you back

Pain & Strain. Having to move backwards around a pallet is difficult. It means that your back is likely not straight, the strain on your wrists is greater and it’s easy to become disorientated when navigating through the specific necessary movements.

With all of these uncomfortable factors combined even the most experienced hand wrapper still runs the risk of tripping accidents. Falling over your own feet doesn’t just bruise egos either – those hard DC floors are very unforgiving!


Wrap strength. Scientists have proven it – pallet wrap breaking during hand wrapping is one of the major sources of swearing in distribution centres internationally*.

It’s not just the time wasted with wrap breaking during application that’s an issue. Inadequate tension around pallets results in costly product damage, and dropped rolls cause further headaches. Having to rewrap a pallet due to breakage not only uses twice as much plastic, but also twice as much labour – which can then cause bottlenecks in throughput and productivity.

What's that noise? Within a loud DC it’s often hard to pinpoint where to reduce noise and protect hearing. We’ll give you one solid hint – start with the pallet wrap. Anything over 85 decibels is harmful to the ears over a prolonged period of time, increasing the risk of long-term hearing loss. We tested a roll of traditional blown film, which reached 92 decibels. 

Yes, a simple fix would require ear protection for pallet wrappers. However there is generally a need to hear forklifts approaching, making ear muffs actually more dangerous. New cast films like Smartwrap Ultra and Smartwrap XT film is ideal – these films don’t require the PIB tackifier of old-fashioned wrap, making for whisper quiet application.


General Heaviness. An old-fashioned roll of hand wrap can weigh roughly the same amount as the average domestic cat. Not that we’re suggesting experimenting with a real one, but imagine having to walk a family cat around at pallet at shin height. Not easy, is it?

With such a roll weighing the pallet wrapper down it becomes easy to cut corners during application. This results in unstable and unsafe loads that can cause injury or expensive product damage in the future. 

Do any of these pain points seem familiar? If so get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will send you a sample roll of our user-friendly, pallet-loving hand wrap.

Lightweight, easy to apply, super-strong and far, far quieter, this wrap is what you need to save money, save the health of your team and save all that swearing and stumbling.



* They almost definitely haven’t proven this. But it’s believable, right?

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