Oh humble pallet…

Oh humble pallet…

When you see something all the time it’s sometimes easy to overlook unique strengths in design and construction. So it is with the everyday pallet – an object many of us take for granted.

Here are four innovative ways* those who ‘think outside the box’ use ordinary pallets to achieve extraordinary results

is there anything you can’t do?


Structural bracing. Roof collapsing? No worries - you’ve got pallets!




Hole? What hole? Look closer at this photo and you just might see a large hole in the walkway. The possible hazard is a thing of the past though, thanks to the seamless integration of a perfectly-fitted pallet into the original design.




A dead-set bargain. Check out the efficiency! Use this specialist piece of bespoke storage furniture and get rid of all those shoes cluttering up the place. You’ll have so much more room for activities!






The view from the top. Who would have thought that a simple pallet could provide such a safe, secure and spacious platform to work from at height?

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