Boxing clever

Boxing clever

The Siat Carton Erector 


This is an offer that’s truly ‘out of the box’ – a high quality semi-automatic single box case forming and sealing unit that’s incredibly helpful for reducing time and costs with packaging. Now’s the right time to seal the deal!

The PS50-TB Carton Erector from Siat should be on the shopping list of all busy breweries, wineries, FMCG or food and diary distribution centres. It’s a cool bit of kit that dramatically reduces the time spent boxing goods for distribution. You can save 50% on time using it – and now you can save big on the initial cost too. 


Now available for only $6,800.00*

That’s right – we have a limited time offer on the PS50-TB while stocks last. We are offering this unit for the price of $6,800.00* 

With New Zealand’s consumers demanding more and more direct deliveries our country’s distributors need to ensure consistent cost-effective efficiency.

The PS50-TB is ideal for wine and beer, FMCG, food and dairy, and ecommerce shipping.

The intuitive usability of the PS50-TB is a key strength. The machine automatically folds the bottom flaps once the operator has loaded the box. This box then remains stationary, allowing product to be loaded in. Then, once the operator is ready, they just need to push the box through the top tape head to seal it. By using simultaneous application the PS50-TB applies two adhesive tape stripes on the top and bottom flaps of the box, straight down the middle line for precise accuracy and a secure seal. 

So too does the adaptability of the unit make it helpful for operations packing and sealing different sizes of boxes. After seeing these units in action you’ll see why your team will be a box of birds when packing and sealing.


  • Case forming section / case sealing section (top & bottom)
  • Adjustable on the box sizes by handles
  • Top & bottom drive belts (2 x 50 mm width each)
  • 2 motors kW 0,13 each
  • 2 x K11R taping unit – 50 mm width
  • Adjustable working height 585 – 785 mm

Box dimensions

  • L 200 mm W 150 mm H 100 mm
  • L 600 mm W 500 mm H 500 mm

If you are interested in purchasing this machine please get in touch with us here 

 * Price excludes GST and delivery.

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