Steak, matching wines sorted!

Steak, matching wines sorted!

At the end of last year we asked you for some names. Many of you have interesting senses of humour, with all kinds of weird and wonderful names given to your pallet wrappers. Unfortunately only one entry could take out the big prize.

After reviewing all the entries we’re sorry we don’t have more prizes to give away – you obviously care about your spinning pallet pals quite a lot to have named them so.

Mission Estate wins the big BBQ competition

Trev from Mission Estate Winery won the big prize. He said that his “machine worked tirelessly with no complaints or demands, making it a world class wrapper”. That it could spin a line so quickly and with such coordination was no doubt the reason why he had called his wrapper Marshall Mathers III. Trev, perhaps its alias (besides Eminem) could be Spin Shady? 

Blake at Smartpack was our runner-up, stating that his “McFlapper The One Hit Rapper’ was “only good at one song but its a track that is needed every day to keep the dispatch team pumping”. Blake, we hope you like the Mitre 10 gift card.

There were plenty of other great entries. Anne at Murdoch Manufacturing said her wrapper was called Mr Wrapperupperra, as it 'does such a good job and imagine if we had to wrap all those pallets by hand.'  The Wraptor 660 Deluxe was the name of Joseph at Qantum Group's wrapper. Other great names included Sir Spins A Lot, Weasel McSqueeze and El Spinairdo.

Thank you to all who entered – this competition provided the office team here with plenty to laugh about over the course of the promotion. Look for more great giveaways this year.

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