Five ways to stop your pallet wrap breaking

Five ways to stop your pallet wrap breaking

Regular pallet wrap breakage is often expensive and undoubtedly frustrating to New Zealand companies. Before you reach breaking point, here are five key considerations to lessen the problem – and one simple answer to fix it for good.

Before you reach breaking point, here are five key considerations to lessen the problem – and one simple answer to fix it for good.

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1. Measure correctly

Not knowing what is causing the problem is 90% of the problem. More often than not reports of pallet stretch film breakage results in either imprecise experiments or ‘quick fixes’. Pallet wrapping machine operators simply don’t have the time to check and resolve issues. Get an expert on site to measure everything before and after the pallet is wrapped.

2. Assemble the load cleanly

It’s estimated that approximately 30% of all breakage are a result of load profile hazards. These hazards come from anything within the pallet load that can apply pressure when in transit, which is generally from sharp corners piercing and tearing the pallet wrap.

Education of employees about correct load assembly certainly helps lessen this problem, but the reality is that effective changes of loads can’t easily be accomplished.

3. Balance the tension

Often the first instinct when stretch wrap breaks is to turn the film tension setting down on the equipment, or to increase the amount of wrap used when hand wrapping.

Both can be costly approaches. No company wants to be spending more on pallet wrap. Likewise, reducing the film tension simply shifts the problem to the other end of process with subsequent product damage from pallets moving in transit. Avoid quick fixes – they’ll come back to bite in the long-term.

4. Use the right equipment

Hand wrapping results are always at the mercy of the human element. Even with the best intentions, corners can be cut to increase productivity. With stretch-wrapping equipment clamp failure, wrapper settings and component failure account for approximately 40% of all film breaks.

Ensure equipment is used correctly and regularly serviced. We can provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation to check every technological and human element within the process.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

5. Use the right wrap product

Not all wrap is created equal, and flaws in pallet wrap are responsible for approximately 20% of all breakage incidents. Reducing the major cause of film breakage, load profile hazards, can be as simple as using a different type of wrap.

Recent moves to Nanowrap by many New Zealand companies have produced some great results. Here the unique resin formulation and advanced extrusion process used to produce this incredibly resilient and puncture proof film provides 33 layers of pallet peace of mind. Using less and covering more makes for happy wrappers!


Beyond product choice there are a number of tests we can run with your loads and wrap processes to ensure pallet wrap damage is kept to a minimum. If you’d like to book an on-site audit, or find out more about Nanowrap, XTWrap or any of our other cutting-edge products, simply get in touch.

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