The best way to get rid of the stress? It’s to optimise the tension.

The best way to get rid of the stress? It’s to optimise the tension.

The light-touch use and heavyweight power of the Orgapack range has been transforming how busy distribution centres reduce palletised product damage. This strapping equipment is proving that, when it comes to consistency in connection and protection, nothing beats newton-perfect strapping pressure.


With the move to premium PET strapping New Zealand companies have now found the perfect solution for binding their pallets. More cost-effective than steel strapping and tougher than traditional polypropylene, this strapping is ruggedly durable and, without any sharp edges, safe and easy to use. Importantly too, it has less tension decay than polypropylene - making it tighter for longer.

However, despite the step up in strapping, some operators are still struggling with connecting their loads using old-buckles and/or hand tools. It can be difficult to get it right first time, every time.

That’s why we’re seeing the rise and rise of our Orgapack strapping range. These handy units take all the pressure out of packing tight and, in doing so, are markedly reducing product movement during transport and subsequent costly damage.  


Not too heavy…

All the power and precision in the world won’t help if the equipment is too heavy or difficult to use. In the busy DC any tool that’s difficult to use will inevitably be used less than it should be. Inefficient or dangerous products and processes can quickly compromise overall safety.

That’s why the well-balanced ergonomic design of these strapping tools is so important. The Orgapack T130 model weighs only 3.6 kg. At the other end of the range the T450 is only 4.3 kg. All three models have a comfortable and solid handle that’s easy to manoeuvre into place. Easy to wield and easy to weld, these units offer day after day of comfortable, stress-free use.


orgapack v3


Not too light…

The weakest part of any strapping is where it’s joined together – achieving a strong seal is vital. The friction welding seal of the Orgapack range provides a heavy-duty seal at the touch of a finger. Testing with buckles or other sealing methods has shown that the joining efficiency of these approaches takes more time with less strength.

So too is it important to get the right amount of tension before the connection is made. Over time strapping can ‘relax’ a little, allowing for movement between boxes and issues with safety and product protection. Achieving the right tension from the start is important.

The Orgapack range provides a few options here, with the heavy-duty T450 model delivering a tension force of anything between 400N and 4500N. The real time indication of applied tension force and variable tension speed control is crucial to maintaining consistency here – every strapping job goes exactly as it should.


…and you won’t buckle under pressure 

Using the traditional buckle approach to secure goods takes time and, let’s face it, isn’t the easiest job in the world. So too can many strapping tools prove problematic when it comes to applying the right tightness.

Taking the guesswork out of your strapping system is extremely helpful. Users have strap alignment measurements and a favourite strapping mode to make things easy with the Orgapack units. Everything can be wrapped right, bound tight and sent secure with no stress – in next to no time.

Such was the case at the Auckland site of Jamestrong, where the T450 is in regular use. According to Jamestrong warehouse operator Gurpreet Singh, the best thing about the unit “is that we can adjust the tension according to the package – which is why we highly recommend it to everyone.”

If you’d like to know more about the Orgapack range, or take one for a test drive, be sure to get in touch with us at [email protected].

OR T450 - Orgapack Handheld Strapping Tool 


Not too heavy…
Not too light…
…and you won’t buckle under pressure 

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