Google Street View delivers again

Google Street View delivers again

It’s been scientifically proven we will often exaggerate the impact our mistakes have while others quickly forget such incidents. That isn’t necessarily true all of the time however – particularly when technology is there to document your slip-up and broadcast it to the world.

According to reports this occurred while Google was mapping roads in Argentina. One online commentator believed the truck had made deliveries earlier, when the straps were taken off and then the driver neglected to reattach them. Ideally also the pallets should have been re-centred if there had been previous deliveries, helping the truck to remain stable on cornering.

Did the presence of the Google car influence the actions of the driver however? Did he swerve or speed up to get out of the way? Guess it’s all history now (and geography too).

We highly recommend watching this one with sound. Thank us later.


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