Get a load of what’s going on…

Get a load of what’s going on…

Blog 2.2

Welcome to pallet packaging

As New Zealand businesses grow from small start-ups to larger enterprises some will need to make the step from sending a few boxes to sending pallets.

Blog 1.2

Measure by measure

How do you measure how much your pallet wrap is costing your company? In New Zealand, our work involves a lot of analysis to ensure we can provide absolute clarity...

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Unwrapping the process - Scope, wrap, rope

Do you have issues with stretch film riding up on pallets during transportation? Don’t worry – there’s a cost-effective, time-efficient answer.

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Maintenance missions (and how to avoid them)

Regular maintenance on pallet wrappers is obviously highly important to deliver a healthy ROI on the equipment.

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Time to hand it over?

Is a ‘cash in hand’ pallet wrapping approach costing your company? Here are four key aspects to ponder for the move from hand wrapping to semi-automated pallet packaging.


Plan your packaging - What you need to know about SASO

If you’re exporting to Saudi Arabia or a number of other countries in 2020 you’ll need SASO-compliant biodegradable pallet wrap to meet the change in standards.

UPL - NZ Drinks Pallet Wrapping 6

Still waters run dependable

Pallets of full individual drink bottles are some of the most challenging to transport while avoiding load movement and subsequent product damage.

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Don't chance your arm - Use our handy hand-wrapping hints

Need a hand with pallet wrapping? Here’s our go-to guide for making sure everything is where it should be… While the variables between pallets can be massive some simple techniques...

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Ready to roll?

Distribution centres need to ensure their equipment is fit for purpose to make the most of an increase in sustainability gains and productivity profits from new wrap products.

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Packaging Appreciation Society - 5 shopping bag designs we rate highly

Just because we’re passionate about pallet wrap that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the finer details of other forms of packaging.

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Stay cool - Our top tips for pallet wrap in winter

Cold temperatures can affect many things – the car starting in the morning, your brain after eating ice cream too quickly, the ability of teams to play free-flowing rugby and...

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Your pallet can-do checklist - 5 tools you shouldn’t be without

If “a poor craftsman always blames their tools” in the modern distribution centre it’s often the case of blaming the tools for not even being used in the first place.

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Reduced to Tears

Product damage during transportation is obviously one of the main focuses in our work. When pallet wrap tears and breaks occur during transit products move.

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Columns, bricks or Tetris?

While much of our work takes place after the pallet is assembled we still take a pretty close look at pick and build processes.

Take it for a spin

Take it for a spin – How to test the benefits of semi-automation without budget over-commitments

After a massive fire gutted a significant part of the Seales Winslow plant, the company rose from the ashes to evolve and improve its packaging capability.


That’s rubbish. Five ways to ‘spark joy’ with an uncluttered DC

After a massive fire gutted a significant part of the Seales Winslow plant, the company rose from the ashes to evolve and improve its packaging capability.

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Your New Year’s equipment resolutions

The new year is always a good time to take a realistic look at what you aim to achieve and to start in with some good habits to make these...

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Unwrapping the process – A heads-up on neckdown

A Heads-Up on Neckdown. Power pre-stretching film is the secret to safe and stable loads.

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Unwrapping the Process - Film force

Our resident Application Specialist Jed Goudie is back with more packaging insights. In the last article, Jed enlightened us on the best way to match wrapping with load profiles.

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It is easy being green

The change to a more sustainable use of resources (and the reasons why we must do so) often seems overwhelming.

Blog 2.2

Unwrapping the process – Load profiles

The first thing we do when assessing a client’s wrap needs is to carefully examine the load profiles required. We need to understand the pallet contents first and foremost.

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The Tilt Test

A pallet of goods has to endure (very extreme) forces when in transit. The consequences of accidents and incidents can be costly and, sometimes, pretty spectacular.

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Just how much should a stretch wrap stretch?

Believe it or not, the world of plastic wrap is a busy and complex place.

Secrets of superior load containment, exposed!

After decades in the business of packaging, we’ve got load containment locked down. Here are our tips for reducing damage in transit. 1.

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The complete package

The last thing you want to be thinking about when buying a new stretch wrapper is it breaking down.

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