NanoWrap - The Sustainable Choice

NanoWrap - The Sustainable Choice

Making a sustainable choice in your distribution centre is simple with NanoWrap.


The war on plastic is undeniable, and the science is pretty clear – we need to reduce our plastic use and make sustainable switches. Implementing changes such as using reusable coffee cups, or metal straws or bringing your own bags to the supermarket is simple. But for those working in some of New Zealand’s biggest distribution Centres, cutting out plastic isn’t always an option, and often the plastic-free alternatives don't perform the same.

Safely delivering freight across the country is serious business, and if the pallet loads aren’t wrapped right and tight, there can be real-time and money lost.

Distribution Centres have been using plastic stretch wrap on pallets for decades and whilst in the latest few years there have been more ‘environmentally friendly’ alternatives popping up, none have been able to meet the standards for strength, ease and cost.

Why NanoWrap is the only sustainable choice for pallet wrapping.

That was until Universal Packaging introduced NanoWrap to the New Zealand market in 2018, a revolutionary new choice for cost-effective, wrap-efficient packaging.


Nanowrap is the result of a big investment in research and development - joining multiple layers into an ultra-thin polymer required specialist expertise and technology. The result was worth it. 33 layers of high-performance wrap - a uniquely formulated film with a core formation to deliver 300% stretch capacity and maximum load stability, minimal weight and enduring peace of mind.

Nanowrap delivers unrivalled performance levels in load containment and puncture resistance. Even though the overall thickness is reduced (in comparison to other packaging films) load stability is far higher.

Reduce film weight by 35% and massively reduce plastic waste and minimise potential landfill impact.

With less shipping weight less fuel is needed too, making Nanowrap a win-win choice. 

NanoWrap is 100% recyclable. It is classified as Code 4 LLDPE plastic which is fully recyclable within the NZ Waste & Recycling system.

The smallest gains can make a big difference in logistical costs. So when 1 metre of unstretched Nano film is stretched to 4m of wrap, you're using up to 35% less product per pallet, well... those savings can be significant.


It's simple to see why NanoWrap is the only sustainable choice for pallet stretch wrap. Some of our loyal customers like Sanitarium, Danone Nutricia, Ingham's Feed & Nutrition and Foodstuffs have made the switch to NanoWrap and have seen an immediate reduction in plastic use and costs. 


If you'd like more information about Nanowrap or would like a free on-site consultation from one of our Technical Sales Team, drop us an email here. 

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