The future arrives tomorrow

The future arrives tomorrow

It’s time to invest in tomorrow with sustainable pallet packaging in New Zealand. We’re excited to announce the impending arrival of a new pallet wrap product with an environmentally friendly origin and a bright future ahead.

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Sweet packaging is made of this – our new wrap is created with 50% renewable raw materials, and with a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to conventional products. It’s one way future-focused, socially responsible Kiwi companies can make a big difference in reducing their environmental impact.

In our processes and our products we’re always advocating for ‘doing more with less’. If our customers are wasting less they’re not only helping the overall environment but they’re also generally saving on costs too. We understand small decisions made in packaging can have big consequences for the bottom line of your budget, the perception of your brand and the long-term viability of your business. 

This is why we’ve been diligently researching and testing a range of new product options that comfortably tick the eco-friendly box while capably wrapping the physical ones. It’s also why we’re so proud to debut this new wrap in the coming month – there’s bee a lot going on behind the scenes ensuring these boxes are looked after! 

We have a limited supply of sample rolls of this exciting new wrap to give away. If you’d like to a see what the fuss is about, get in touch to arrange a free trial. 

FutureWrap - A new wrap product arrives

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