Foodtech Packtech - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Foodtech Packtech - A Trip Down Memory Lane

We’ve been attending Foodtech Packtech since 2012. That’s right – the next event after this one will mark a full decade of binding together with our clients (and potential clients) at the big show.

As the famous baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be”. Yet, looking back at our time on the floor at FTPT, while a lot’s changed, there’s also a lot that hasn’t.

Check out the photo with this article. Believe it or not but this was taken way back in 2012 at our first FTPT appearance, when the London Olympics were in full swing, our brand was very different and our team was… looking exactly as they do now. They haven’t aged a bit! Honest. 

Since that photo was taken a lot has happened. In 2012 we launched the Spinny pallet wrapper, in 2014 SmartWrap and Wulftec arrived, and in 2018 we were proudly debuting Nanowrap.

Asked about other highlights and UP technical consultant Matt Goddin offers both great conversations and noteworthy opportunities. 

Looking at the bigger picture and it is obvious Foodtech Packtech is an important event for a wide range of New Zealand companies.

Universal Packaging - FTPT Show 2012

“We were packing away at the end of the day when an important-looking guy was looking to walk right by the stand. Jed (Goudie) flipped his ID tag back over and went to check if he needed any help,” says Matt. “It turned out he was looking for a pallet un-wrapper – and Jed subsequently wound up selling him a great piece of equipment perfect for what was needed.”

Then there were the more low-key highlights, including “having a site opposite Fort Richard Laboratories stand.”

“That’s because we benefitted from Brendon Clist’s never-ending stream of catering platters in exchange for the use of our fridge!” says Matt.

Looking at the bigger picture and it is obvious Foodtech Packtech is an important event for a wide range of New Zealand companies.

For Universal Packaging, it’s a great opportunity to connect with potential customers and to meet key clients away from the pressure of their everyday workplaces. For our customers, it’s the chance to gain insight into new efficiencies in production, warehousing and dispatch operations, and to see new wrapping machinery and stretch film in action. And for the wider industry, it’s an excellent forum for sharing innovation and encouraging the advancement of our economy.

The show organisers too, are always looking to evolve and improve what’s available. At the last expo, the Materials Handling & Safety show was added and, while this year will obviously be tested by Covid-19 conditions, we’re sure there will be plenty to talk about.

There’ll always be some challenges and our team has the experience to cope with anything and everything. Matt again provides some commonsense advice for making the most of FTPT.

“Standing on a concrete floor for three days with little break isn’t ideal on your feet – so be sure to wear comfortable shoes,” he says. “Mid to late morning is the best time to get talk to key prospects and clients.”

“Oh, and don’t accept Brendon’s invitation for dinner on Wednesday night – as the next morning is terrible.”

Universal Packaging - FTPT Show 2018

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