Unwrapping the process – A heads-up on neckdown

Unwrapping the process – A heads-up on neckdown

A Heads-Up on Neckdown.

Power pre-stretching film is the secret to safe and stable loads. In this article, we take a look at yet another reason we wouldn’t be without power pre-stretched film; avoiding neckdown.

Have you ever held a piece of Blu-Tack between your fingers and stretched it as far as you can reach? You’ll notice that as the Blu-Tack gets longer, it also gets narrower.

In packaging, this is called neckdown, and it can have a big impact on packaging performance. The good news is that there are ways to avoid neckdown and avoid the inefficiencies and increased costs that come with it.

At Universal Packaging, we recommend Nanowrap 33 layer machine stretch wrap for all high volume distribution centres.

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What is Neckdown?

Neckdown refers to the narrowing of film as it is stretched around a load or pallet. As the film is stretched, it becomes longer, but it can also become thinner and lose width. If film loses width each revolution around the pallet, it becomes necessary to increase the number of wraps on the load in order to achieve a secure wrap. The result is more product used – and more time needed to wrap.

The Cost of Neckdown

It’s been shown that traditional film can significantly reduce in width as it is stretched around a load. A conventional 500mm roll of film can end up being just 350mm wide  on the pallet. This loss in width means more product is needed.

When machines are used for wrapping, neckdown is likely to increase the greater the distance between the carriage and the load.

How to Avoid Neckdown

At Universal Packaging, we always recommend the use of power pre-stretch film application to avoid neckdown. Power pre-stretching film eliminates neckdown by providing uniform delivery of film and ensuring consistent performance. Critical elements of this are optimal machine setup and correct film selection.

A good-quality Nano layer stretch wrap that has been correctly stretched ensures  the film width is not reduced during application. In this case, the film’s thickness is reduced, but the width stays the same maintaining holding strength and coverage. Correctly applied power pre-stretched film eliminates the need for extra wrapping as the film maintains its width and provides the right amount of coverage.

The Benefits of Power Pre-Stretch Wrap

The benefits of power pre-stretch wrap go beyond the neckdown issue. Power Pre-stretched wrap is a way of ensuring better performance and stable loads. As well as:

–    Increasing wrapping efficiency

–    Ensuring load protection and tension

–    Easier to handle loads

Not all power pre-stretch film carriages are the same. Since the original power pre-stretch film carriages were designed there has been a number of innovations to meet the growing demands for high performance Nano layer films. There are a lot of film and machinery options available, and choosing the right combination can make a big difference.

Which Wrap is Right for You?

At Universal Packaging, we recommend Nanowrap 33 layer machine stretch wrap, the latest in high performance pallet wrap, for all high volume distribution centres. Nanowrap is made using the most advanced nano-layer extrusion technology, equipment that blends a range of high performance metallocene resins together.

Nanowrap 33 layer machine stretch film is capable of stretching to >300%. The film is designed to run on fully automatic machinery at speeds of up to 35 RPM.

This combination of product and process provides a roll that has no neckdown for optimal coverage and load containment. Every last metre on the roll can be used and the thin wall cardboard core can be recycled so it can live to see another day.

The consistent quality delivered by Nanowrap 33 layer machine stretch film makes life a breeze for pallet-wrapping operations – they can avoid neckdown and go full steam ahead!

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