Driven in our work - Our 4 goals for a great 2020

Driven in our work - Our 4 goals for a great 2020

Our 4 goals for a great 2020


As everyone moves passed the holiday period and into 2020-proper we’re taking the opportunity presented by some recent forward-thinking exercises to share a little bit of what makes the team here tick.


While each month we have very specific targets and achievements to aspire too we also have our overall aims.

These aren’t necessarily the Big Hairy Audacious Goals so loved by our friends in the motivational industry. We’re not trying to take over the world. Instead these are the type of goals that drive us in our day-to-day work – our objectives for the service, the people and the customers of Universal Packaging.

Sustainability: Do more with less.

We continue to help New Zealand businesses change from outdated pallet wrap to new products that wrap with superior load integrity while saving on plastic use. While we can deliver some truly amazing results not everyone will trust this straight away. We need to stay passionate in our belief and dedicated in our approach. The time will come.

Unity. Enjoy our time together.

As you may already know the UP team is a pretty tight knit group. We’re proud of the supportive, inclusive environment we’ve built over the last few years. Be it in the Stuff quizzes or pitching in to help out with extra tasks around the office we’re each other’s biggest supporters. At the end of last year we completed our first beach clean-up. This year there’ll be a few more!


Creativity. Look further than before.

We are always looking for new products and processes to help NZ businesses do more with less. One of our key goals for 2020 is to continue working with suppliers to ensure our customers are always offered industry leading pallet wrap and equipment. We’ve succeeded in the past with our focus on innovation – so why stop now?


Measurability. Know before you go.

If we can’t measure it, we won’t recommend it. In 2020 we’ll continue to show you the numbers and the big picture savings that can be made with a wide investment. With up to date yield analysis and film use reporting carried out frequently our customers will know their packaging processes are running at their optimum.

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