Wrapping up. The P.A.S returns…

Wrapping up. The P.A.S returns…

Welcome back to another report from the Packaging Appreciation Society (P.A.S). We’ve previously shared some of our favourite shopping bag designs with readers. Now we look further afield into other packaging uses for inspiration. Here are 5 of our favourites…

We put a lot of thought into how our packaging is used and, as a consequence, always appreciate an effective solution that’s achieved by thinking outside the box. Here are some examples of recent packaging that we think is worth sharing.


1. A lick of paint

It’s always good to know your target market when designing product packaging. Such is the case with this design, which highlights the many fathers and grandfathers who might be in need of a paintbrush.



2. Is that a hair in my food?

Russian design agency Nikita helped their client get ahead of the pack with this whimsical approach to pasta packaging.

Pasta packaging


3. Gnome sweet gnome

Occasionally something so simple comes along that makes people happy – and it does so without huge fuss or cost.



4. Zen perfume

Even in an industry that champions style and grace this bamboo-beautiful packaging really stands out.

Perfume packaging

5. Cookies for big mouths 

As described on the designer’s page, these cookies are obviously for anyone who can’t afford to talk much at work but loves a few stories and a little gossip during break times.


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