Developed for our cool customers this tough, durable wrap can withstand the harsh conditions of freezer environments without losing any of its exceptional cling, puncture resistance and elastic memory.

That ensures pallet integrity,load stability and product security throughout the freezing and storage process. Don’t get hot under the collar after leaving your freezer pallet storage to chance. Keep a cool head and pack safe with PolarShield.


Cling: The formulation of PolarShield ensures it maintains the ability to cling to itself when the temperature drops. No loose tails ensures wrap doesn’t unwind and get caught in materials handling equipment or satellite racking shuttles.

Stretch: With up to 200% yield per roll you can increase your wraps per roll while decreasing your costs per pallet.

Quality: Manufactured for the New Zealand market

Sustainability. Polarshield is 100% recyclable. It is classified as Code 4 LLDPE plastic which is fully recyclable within the NZ Waste & Recycling system.

Code Description Rolls Per Carton Rolls Per Pallet
20762 PolarShield23 Machine Stretch Wrap 1 40
500mm x 1750m x 23um
1 40