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6 Steps to Safe, Fast and Easy Pallet Hand-wrapping

Still struggling to hand wrap pallets quickly, reliably, and safely? Check out how our new wrap dispenser takes all the strain and pain out of the job…

With its uncomplicated, easy-use design and built-tough durability the BOLT dispenser is already proving popular with companies wrapping a small number of pallets each day.

Used in conjunction with the new NanoLite film, this tool is reducing time, avoiding waste and improving safety. And, as you’ll see from the guide below, it is doing so with minimum effort too.

Check out how our new wrap dispenser takes all the strain and pain out of the job…

1. Preparing the Pallet

Remember that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ – if there’s nothing in a space it will more likely soon be filled!

That’s why you’ll need to first ensure the load is stacked correctly with limited space between objects. This will keep movement to a minimum when wrapping and in transit.

2. Beginning the Wrap

Looking after your body starts now. You can reduce the need for bending by inserting the film between layers of the stacked product near the top of the load.

It’s also important now to check that you’re sticking right. The cling side of the film needs to be against the load. NanoLite film has the cling on the inside – be sure to get it right.

3. Wrapping the Pallet

Now to get the right spacing. Start as you mean to go on, by maintaining approximately 300mm – 400mm of distance from the load as you wrap. 

Then begin walking forward, maintaining a steady speed and letting the torque limiter regulate the tension. Press the tension button and increase if required. Complete 2-4 wraps around the top and move down the load to the bottom.

4. Wrapping the Base

It’s time to secure the load to the pallet. The number of layers here depends on the load weight, the load configuration, and how far the load must travel.

The film should be applied as low as possible on the pallet. You can do this by resting the skid plate at the bottom of the BOLT on the floor before tilting the dispenser back to an angle of about 70° as you wrap.

5. Overlapping the Stretch Film

This isn’t the time to play peek-a-boo with your load! Keep it tight and right and fully wrapped as you work your way back up the pallet.

To maximise load integrity work on a 40-50% overlap as you progress up to the top.

6. Finishing the Job

Once the pallet is wrapped cut the film off approximately 300mm from the corner and firmly brush the tail onto the pallet using your free hand. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of film unwind as the pallet is transported.

If this is your first time using the BOLT you now might be realising just how much easier the work will be from this moment. Now is the time to celebrate – hold the BOLT up to the skies and proclaim for all to hear “All hail the almighty BOLT!”*

*If that seems a little too dramatic simply mutter “sweet” or “nice” under your breath before getting on with work.

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6 Steps to Safe, Fast and Easy Pallet Hand-wrapping

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