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Stretch Wrap

New Zealand’s pallets undergo a wide range of conditions through the wrapping, storage and transportation life cycle. We’ve developed our machine film products to suit everything the road and warehouse can throw at them.

Thanks to an expert local team and a superior international network we’ve grown our range of machine wrap to meet and exceed every standard.

What do you need? We’ve got tough pallet wrap, weatherproof pallet wrap, food-favourable pallet wrap, budget pallet wrap, sustainable pallet wrap and more.

One way or another we’ll find you the cost-effective, pallet-protective result. If we don’t have the specific solution for your application we’ll do our very best in research and development to deliver it.

NanoWrap is a revolutionary product for cost-effective and efficient packaging, stretching further and wrapping with less plastic per pallet.

It’s New Zealand’s favourite choice in stretch wrap, a quality, ultra-clear, hybrid cast film offering superior elasticity, higher puncture resistance and excellent stretch memory.
Our SmartWrap WideWeb stretch packaging will have your pallets looking their best no matter the size and shape of each load.
This is the ultimate all-weather wrap for your products – a specifically formulated hybrid cast stretch wrapping film designed for use on pallets that will be exposed to the elements.
This perforated stretch wrap has been carefully developed to provide perfectly vented protection for pallets of produce, dairy, beverage and frozen food.

Sometimes you need to keep everything under wraps until the right time. SecuraWrap effectively protects valuable and confidential products during shipping

Made from 30% recycled material, and with 55 layers of stretch and strength, NanoEcho helps Kiwi companies increase their shipping protection while reducing their carbon footprint. 

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Machine Stretch Wrap

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