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Thanks to our renowned international network of specialist partners, we can offer advanced packaging technology to suit every type of distribution need – equipment that saves time, money and stress with every pallet wrapped.

Automated and semi-automated pallet wrapping technology provides clear and quantifiable returns for companies looking to reduce plastic use, prevent product damage and minimise ongoing costs and labour requirements.

For most New Zealand distribution centres, modern pallet wrapping equipment is simply a must-have. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to wrapping pallets – only with the right insight and analysis can equipment be correctly scoped and installed. With our range of advanced packaging technology, Universal Packaging can ensure the correct piece of equipment for your operation.

Spinny stretch wrappers allow companies to either move on from hand-wrapping pallets or move up to greater throughput with semi and full automation. With speed, precision and ongoing reliability, our Spinny range will wrap pallets fast and wrap them right. Advanced Spinny models also help companies cope with growth, ensuring distribution capability can quickly and cost-effectively meet new demands.

  • Quality Italian-made equipment
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Full service support & ongoing maintenance plans

When it comes to delivering large quantities of pallets day in and day out, Wulftec’s state of the art equipment packs with speed, precision, and little outside supervision. The equipment uses rotary arm technology to ensure the load remains stationery during the packaging process. In this way it can quickly wrap every type of load, from the very light to the very heavy, the short to the tall to the unstable of loads of all shapes and sizes.

  • Built tough in Canada
  • Wraps pallets twice as fast and twice as efficiently
  • Industry-leading automation possibilities

Orgapack strapping tools have become increasingly popular in New Zealand warehouses thanks to the ease of use, consistency of tension, and peace of mind protection these innovative hand-held tools deliver. Users enjoy strap alignment measurements, favourite strapping mode, real time indication of applied tension force and variable tension speed control – for strapping speed, ease and effectiveness there is no better choice.

  • Clever ergonomic design ensures well-balanced ease of use
  • Three different models cover a wide range of needs
  • Built-tough construction for year-after-year of dependable strapping performance

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