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Equipment servicing

Servicing doesn’t just prevent the big headaches of breakdowns and lost productivity. It also ensures that everyday efficiency is running to the highest standard.

At Universal Packaging we are proud of our commitment to ensuring New Zealand’s pallet wrapping machinery is always working to peak efficiency, wrapping tight and right, each and every time.

The last thing you want to be thinking about is your stretch wrap equipment breaking down. Yet, over the lifetime of a stretch wrapper machine, things will occasionally go wrong. We’ve developed a reliable support system to ensure we can deliver expertise when you need it – be it on the phone or on site with the machine.

Our in-house service team is ready with all the expert knowledge and friendly assistance needed for troubleshooting and quick fixes. Our trusted network of expert service agents work throughout the country. They provide fast repairs, routine maintenance and service checks on pallet wrappers and can quickly respond to emergency call outs for fast assistance.

The sum of our parts​

Universal Packaging’s stretch-wrap equipment uses a high proportion of non-proprietary components, allowing us to quickly and easily source parts. This means that any production downtime is kept to a minimum.

Educate and elevate​

We invest in our training resources, tech guides and white papers to ensure our customers can stay up to speed with everything on offer. Having this information front of mind or at your fingertips can make a big difference.

24/7 availability

You can’t afford to wait days for an solution. We have service technicians in every area code, on-call any time day and night. Our expert team can also follow up any issues to help you avoid needing to call them again in a hurry.


Our team gets called out for everything from a jammed power button to the film carriage getting stuck to film getting caught. Sometimes it’s a simple fix – the I.T equivalent would be “turning it off and on again”, and sometimes simple preventative measures can be put in place to ensure the issue doesn’t reoccur. Other times however, more specialist knowledge or specific parts are required to fix the issue.
Regular servicing ensures dependable performance and extends equipment lifespan. It will also reduce the risk of damaging products from incorrectly applied pallet wrap and decrease the risks of downtime and productivity loss that comes with breakdowns
Shipping delays seem to be an inescapable reality nowadays. The last thing you want is to be waiting for a vital replacement piece while distribution stalls. With regular servicing we can ascertain the ongoing wear and tear on the machine, anticipating any need for replacement parts and procuring these ahead of time. We also stock a wide range of parts here in New Zealand, ensuring fast delivery when it matters most.
Very important! Make sure rubbish doesn’t collect around the equipment as stray pieces can get caught under the Spinny turntable and cause annoying jams and expensive breakage. Keep all pallet wrapping equipment away from major dust sources too, particularly other equipment that regularly emits dust. Preventing exposure to dust and other corrosive substances is important for protecting equipment.
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Equipment servicing

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