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Your New Year’s equipment resolutions

Get into good habits with a machinery health check

The new year is always a good time to take a realistic look at what you aim to achieve and to start in with some good habits to make these goals a reality.

Realistically, these should be done weekly. So now’s the time to get into a best-practice mindset with the scheduling of a regular equipment check-up.

One. Make sure everything is ‘tight and right’. This includes checking carriage bolts and screws are tight, carriage door hinges and latches are secure, carriage rollers are clean. Check also that there are no loose bolts on the main structure and that the floor plate grippers are operating correctly.

Two. Clean the wiper wire and check the operation and fixings on the wiper arm.

Three. Check chain lube and tensions, add grease to auto-greasers and ensure reflectors and sensors are clean.

With this regular weekly inspection process you’ll be able to keep your pallet wrapping equipment in good shape through the rest of the year (and for many years to come).

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Your New Year’s equipment resolutions

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