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Stretch Wrap

When wrapping by hand you need a film that’s cost-effective, user-friendly and ideally suited to your pallet load. Our comprehensive range of film ensures you will be covered no matter the task (or pallet) at hand.

At Universal Packaging we know there’s a large number of different hand films available in New Zealand today.

It’s sometimes hard to make sense of all the competing claims and counter claims. We stand by our reputation – and we back it with a rigorous testing and reporting process.

We were Kiwi pioneers as the first company to introduce the low gauge conventional film, SmartWrap. Then we stepped forward again with NanoH5 – the first 33 nano-layer pre-stretched hand film.

You also have the choice of the puncture resistant, banded-edge XTWrap, the safe-from-prying-eyes SecuraWrap and the many benefits of ClearWrap and QuickWrap.

And we’ve got the dispensers and end caps to ensure any pallet that requires hand wrapping is completed safely, comfortably and to the highest standard.

When used with the BOLT dispenser, the super-strong and ultra-thin NanoLite provides a faster approach to hand wrapping and a smarter way to sustainable gains.

XTWrap’s heavy-duty reinforced borders and incredible stretch capability delivers big savings when hand wrapping.
It’s all ‘easy does it’ with our EziWrap. This bundling wrap can be used to replace tape and twine when packaging small items and, unlike tapes, it won’t stick to the product or leave residue.
For the intelligent choice in wrapping SmartWrap provides all the strength for your pallets with a fraction of the wrap.
It’s New Zealand’s favourite choice in stretch wrap, a quality, ultra-clear, hybrid cast film offering superior elasticity, higher puncture resistance and excellent stretch memory.
Sure, we could go on and on about the benefits of this film. But don’t worry – we’ll keep it quick.
This perforated stretch wrap has been carefully developed to provide perfectly vented protection for pallets of produce, dairy, beverage and frozen food.
Sometimes you need to keep everything under wraps until the right time.
For manually wrapping pallets safe, strong, and sustainable, BOLT and NanoLite go hand-in-hand.

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