Case Studies
Counting the cost: Are you spending too much on pallet wrap?
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For NZ companies seeking to cut costs, a logical solution would be to search out the cheapest roll of stretch wrap.
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At your service: Ensure your wrapper is in the right place
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To make sure your DC is cooking with gas, here are a few tips for locating your wrapper, and some pointers about the pitfalls...
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Meet the team: Sarah Menefy
The role of a service coordinator is never a dull one. It’s not quite herding cats – but some days it can sure seem that...
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Hitting our straps
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From the 19th to the 21st of September, the Universal Packaging team bound together with our bigger, bolder, and better team...
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It's time to talk trash!
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While it’s easy to kick aside excess wrap and bits of broken pallet in the thick of a busy day in the DC, ensuring all waste...
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The psychology of safety
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Improving the protection of your team without compromising one iota of productivity requires a number of expertly scoped,...
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Hidden talents of Universal
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You built a time machine...out of a DeLorean?
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Packages past
Pneumatic delivery of orders at the Sears warehouse.
From a rooftop testing track at the Lingotto car factory to pneumatic tube delivery at the Sears HQ, check out these four...
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Warming up for the big show
Foodtech Packtech is happening again this year from the 19 - 21 September at the Auckland Showgrounds. Will we see you there?
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