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Protect your team and your pallets with this advanced spine-friendly strapping system. With intuitive controls and everything within arm’s reach, the ErgoPack is easy to use, quick to strap, and easy on the back.

The ErgoPack ensures Kiwi companies can strap pallets without risking the health of their employees – all while taking far less time than traditional methods of strapping. This innovative equipment delivers absolute ease of use. The ChainLance slides under the pallet, carrying the strapping with it. This strapping is then fed back to the operator, who only has to fit the sealing head to the strap. Then the strapping is automatically tensioned and welded. The entire process takes less than a minute.

With these speed and health benefits it’s no wonder the ergonomic power of the ErgoPack is so popular internationally. For companies strapping multiple pallets per hour this heavy-duty, built-to-last technology is just what the doctor (and the accountant and the HR manager) ordered.

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated line laser for easy positioning
  • Straps pallets up to 3 metres high
  • Patented sledge and ChainLance
  • Designed for use with work gloves
  • Robust touchscreen with intuitive user interface

The Specs:

  • 36V battery for 650 strapping operations per charge
  • All coverings made of stainless steel or break-proof PE plastic
  • Backed by one year warranty
ErgoPack by Universal Packaging
ErgoPack by Universal Packaging

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