What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

'To me it's been a huge success.'

Sanitarium - Auckland

Sanitarium Pallet Problems Solved

  • Shifting from an old, over used machine to the Spinny S500 allowed for faster and higher production rates. The fully automatic system means that operators don't even have to leave their forklifts any any stage of the wrapping process.
  • Nanowrap combines 33 separate layers into an ultra-thin polymer of high-performance pallet wrap. This uniquely formulated film has a core formation that delivers an incredible 300% stretch capacity.

    With less wrap and less waste, maximum load stability and minimal weight, Nanowrap provides the most effective and efficient pallet wrap in New Zealand.
  • Combined, Nanowrap and the SPinny S500 deliveres incredible film savings for Sanitarium. Peter has reduced his orders significantly. Previously, it was typical to order a new pallet of wrap every 6 weeks. Now, only 1 pallet is needed every 6 months

'Our in transit damages disappeared altogether'

'Our in transit damages disappeared altogether'

Universal packaging have been working with Foodstuffs for over 8 years, so when the Roberts Line Distribution Centre were re laying their racking system, we stepped in with a machine and wrap solution that would take their productivity to new heights.

“We’re finding it’s brilliant. There are no breaks, it can be wrapped consistently and it’s easy to use – we’ve got no issues whatsoever.”

Feed For Thought

Mainfeeds are making light work of heavy pallets thanks to a change in pallet packaging product.

With three mills in Otago, Auckland and the Manawatu, Mainfeeds has its hands full providing quality feed for hens, chickens, pigs, rabbits and dogs around New Zealand.

Between their three facilities the company produces over 140,000 tonnes of feed annually, a lot of which is packaged and shipped around the country.

“We’ve been supplying Mainfeeds with pallet wrap since around 2014,” says Universal Packaging Technical Consultant Jed Goudie. “Since then we’ve seen them grow and grow, and we’ve worked with them to improve their shipping efficiency.”

Murray Collie is the Plant Manager in charge of the Mainfeeds Waikouaiti operation in Otago. In his time there and, previously, in the meat processing industry, Murray has seen the results of improved packaging on the floor and at the bottom line.

“We’ve been wrapping pallets for 20 years now,” says Murray. “These pallets go all around the South Island, and we need them to be secure.”

While today things are running smoothly Mainfeeds distribution hasn’t always been easy with “breaks and shifting loads and the product damage that comes with it,” says Murray.

“Try as we did, it was always difficult to get the wrap we were using to provide adequate tension around the pallet,” says Murray. “We’re wrapping both smaller pallets and those going up to the one tonne mark. Getting the balance of secure containment without tearing the wrap was always a balancing act.”

In 2018 the company moved its nationwide operation to Nanowrap and, according to Murray, “we’ve never looked back.”

“We’re finding it’s brilliant. There are no breaks, it can be wrapped consistently and it’s easy to use – we’ve got no issues whatsoever.”

For Jed it was crucial to get the wrap strong enough to safely wrap pallets weighing up to one tonne while doing so in the most cost-effective manner possible.

“We scoped a few options and Nanowrap was the clear winner,” says Jed. “It wrapped tight consistently for Mainfeeds. And, forgive the pun, but when you take into account product damage, replacement costs and the various other costs that come with wrap breakage, well, the savings aren’t exactly chicken feed.”

With around 100 tonnes of bagged products going out the door weekly, having confidence that the wrap can carry the weight is crucial to the growing operation. So too is knowing there’s additional support from Universal if it’s ever needed.

“It’s not just the wrap, it’s the service too,” says Murray. “Jed’s always popping in when he’s down hereto check everything is working as it should, when we make an order the team are always easy to deal with, and the wraps always promptly delivered.”

After a massive fire gutted a significant part of the Seales Winslow plant the company rose from the ashes with a clear vision for the future and a renewed commitment to evolve and improve its packaging capability.

The adjustable tension during the cycle is a massive help compared to what we had (pre-fire). There’s no breakage and no time wasting anymore.”

  • A fire broke out in wooden boxes outside the shed. By the time the fire service arrived over half the 5000-square-metre building was alight. The resulting blaze injured three firefighters and reduced the entire packing line and storage shed to charred ashes.
  • The company went to Aurora Process Solutions and Universal Packaging with a brief for a coordinated focus across filling, conveying, conditioning, labelling, palletising and wrapping. Universal Packaging worked with Aurora Process to assess the previous set-up and made suggestions for a Spinny unit that could offer greater flexibility for what was required.
  • Throughput is up and inefficiency is down in Ashburton. For a self-proclaimed ‘OCD Operations Manager’, Tyler is also happy with the neatness of the each wrapped pallet, stating, “I certainly like how the wrap’s ‘tail’ is neatly cut and packed away.”
  • The Seales Winslow team also appreciates all controls are intuitive and easy to use, which makes a significant difference in the speed of day-to-day operation. The busy Ashburton plant is so pleased with the system they’re now recommending it to others.
For over three decades we’ve been making sure everything’s tight and right for Kiwi businesses.
Correct stretch wrapping not only ensures goods arrive in the best condition, it minimises damage costs and maximises process efficiency. That’s why we take a broad view of your operation – to see where we can save time and money within every aspect of your pallet wrapping process.

Since we first opened our doors in 1985 our team has worked with New Zealand companies from Kaitaia to the Bluff. Be it light or heavy, from tissue paper to concrete blocks, if it’s dispatched on a daily basis the chances are that we’ve helped to wrap it.

This experience is vital. Pallet wrap, shrink wrap or stretch film, you can call it what you want. But when you need to get the most from product and processes, from how and where it’s wrapped to key matters of security, efficiency and cost effectiveness, call us first.

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