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Case Studies
ErgoPack arrives
The ErgoPack strapping system is used to strap a pallet
ErgoPack is an innovative new spine-friendly strapping system that takes the strain out of the strap.
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Travel broadens the mind…
Interpack 2023
…and, at Interpack, boosts means and methods. Last month, two of our team members travelled to Europe to attend Interpack...
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Breakfast beneficence
Abby at PRB_resized
On the 16th of June we held a Pink Ribbon Breakfast here at Universal Packaging. The event provided both a wonderful opportunity...
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Packaging Appreciation Collective
As packaging specialists, we know great work when we see it. That’s why, in this semi-regular series, we share our latest...
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At your service: What’s the best pallet wrapper for your DC?
Wulftec dual
How do you choose a pallet wrapping machine that perfectly fits the unique needs of your distribution centre? Getting it...
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Wrapping up: Extreme sports are everywhere!
wrapping up_truck
Any old skateboarders (or fans of the Tony Hawk PlayStation game) will recognise this ‘move’ as a ‘Smith grind’, where the...
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Wrap your laughing gear around this
After the news from our team event last Binder (and all the big talk from certain team members about rigged judging etc),...
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Supporting our firefighters
It’s always interesting working alongside someone who might run out the door at a moment’s notice from work – even more so...
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Giving pallets the chop!
Chapping board
One Kiwi’s creative approach to pallet recycling...
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