Case Studies
Road trip: Up-skilling our service
Abby at Foodstuffs
Our customer service superstar Abby McKee is usually found at her desk at Universal Packaging HQ, tackling outgoing orders...
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Heated competition
All eyes were on the prize on our recent team day. Culinary creativity and target practice made for lots of fun and a touch...
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Reading between the lines
5 ways your wrapper is telling you to replace it.
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Wrapping up: In full sail
Wrapping up
An eye-catching sustainability innovation for international shipping seems to be making waves. But we know what you’re thinking...
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Cast film vs blown film
The BOLT dispenser
We 'unpack' the key differences between cast film and blown film. Find out what's best for certain types of pallets.
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Supporting flood-hit communities
Assistance was needed rapidly for many in the North Island after the recent disastrous flooding. Thinking inside the box...
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Spin Zone
Spinny at Ecolab
The S140’s capabilities make it the perfect ‘Goldilocks’ choice for many New Zealand companies who want to send pallets sustainably,...
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Just the highlights
NanoWrap proved that sustainable pallet wrapping can make a major difference and now NanoEcho is helping NZ companies take...
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The Weber winner
Anne Stanbury1
At the end of last year, we asked our readers to share a good thing that happened to them in 2022, with one lucky respondent...
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