Case Studies
A hand up from hand wrapping
For companies wanting greater packaging efficiency in 2022, the move to a Spinny pallet wrapper may be the perfect way to...
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Package Deal: Spicers NZ and Universal Packaging
At the end of November Spicers NZ acquired Universal Packaging – the sale was the culmination of many months of hard work...
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6 Steps to Safe, Fast and Easy Pallet Hand-wrapping
Still struggling to hand wrap pallets quickly, reliably, and safely? Check out how our new wrap dispenser takes all the strain...
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Waving goodbye to hand-wrapping in 2022
Pallet wrapping is our speciality - Universal Packaging
As companies grow, systems in the distribution centre inevitably start to creak. At some point a strategic discussion around...
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Packaging Appreciation Society
New Zealand's recent change from plastic supermarket bags has spurred us to find our favourite examples of creative bag design.
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NZ Drinks gets on top of the tails
The ‘tail’ of older generation pallet film was unwinding from pallets – and clogging up stacks at NZ Drinks
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The focal point of packaging
We’re always interested in what Highlight's Kurt Riemenschneider has to say, given his decades-long experience in the stretch-wrap...
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A fresh lease on life… and distribution
Be it for improving efficiency from hand wrapping or increasing throughput, ‘trying as you’re buying’ is on the rise…
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Testing Times
We talk with stretch film expert David Ang about plastics, packaging and innovation with purpose.
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