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What is the real cost of pallet wrap?

Many purchases are made without understanding the bigger picture of ‘true’ value. It is true of shoes. It’s true of property. And, sometimes, it’s also true of pallet wrap.

Being unaware of the cost and value may result in having to needlessly buy extra shoes. Or it could mean committing to an expensive and unnecessary ongoing purchase order.

Some companies in New Zealand are simply spending too much on pallet wrap. While the reasons for this are diverse, the result is often the same: more product damage, more waste and more cost.

That is why we consider our new white paper such an important resource for many distribution companies. It provides plenty of insight for making some of the more important decisions in shipping protection.

Value analysis of the stretch wrap roll.
How you pay.
Why you pay.
What you should.

Pallet wrapping brochure - Universal Packaging

Download our value analysis of the stretch wrap roll

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What is the real cost of pallet wrap?

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