Cast film vs blown film

We ‘unpack’ the key differences between cast film and blown film. Find out what’s best for certain types of pallets.

Just the highlights

NanoWrap proved that sustainable pallet wrapping can make a major difference and now NanoEcho is helping NZ companies take the next big step. However, when it comes to enacting real positive change and exceeding sustainability targets, it’s still important that solutions are made to measure.

Excessive film use

There are two main reasons for using too much pallet wrap – and the good news is they are both simple to avoid.

What is the real cost of pallet wrap?

Pallet wrapping brochure - Universal Packaging

Many purchases are made without understanding the bigger picture of ‘true’ value. It is true of shoes. It’s true of property. And, sometimes, it’s also true of pallet wrap.

Measure up

Be it packaging, equipment, or other processes, our constant refrain when it comes to suggesting new approaches is “if we can’t measure it, we won’t recommend it”.

Scope, wrap, rope

Do you have issues with stretch film riding up on pallets during transportation? Don’t worry – there’s a cost-effective, time-efficient answer. UP’s Application Specialist Jed Goudie will show you the ropes…

Columns, bricks or Tetris?

Small tweaks to pallet stacking patterns can have far larger consequences for both product damage and pallet optimisation.

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