The Hall of Shame

The Hall of Shame

It’s that time again – when we look back on some of the more disastrous images to arrive on our screens over the last few months. Join us with a tour through the bad, the even worse and the very, very ugly…

1. This may be a case of insufficient wrap. Or it could be a poor stacking pattern that’s caused this travesty. Either way there’s potential for product (or people) damage looming in the future.

1. Accident waiting to happen


2. It’s true that there’s no point crying over spilt milk. However on a hot day the smell might bring a tear or two.

2. Pallets of milk


3. Bricks can be notoriously unstable and dangerous if not contained correctly, a problem compounded with the incorrect wrap. Unlike our WeatherShield, some wrap products aren’t UV stabilised, making them susceptible to breaking down after being left outside in the elements. Choosing such inferior wrap can make for a rocky road ahead…

3. Bricking it


4. Often pallets of produce are strapped but not wrapped and, when the strap fails, the whole house of pineapples comes tumbling down. What’s that? ‘House of pineapples’ isn’t a real saying? Well… it should be.

4. 20 ft drop pineapples


5. Introducing the incredible new Tough-Pallet! Amazingly strong, it has unique shock-absorbing properties that seemingly defy the laws of physics. Which means you can place the heaviest loads on all kinds of transport!


6. They say you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. So, by our rough calculation, this genius just made over 4500 omelettes. 


7. This is more than likely a bulk density issue – as powder settles it can cause load shift and subsequent collapse with very high stacks. It’s one of those situations where wrap can still fail so it’s best to avoid potential carnage in the first place with heavy-duty racking or single-stack pallets. Thankfully the driver survived with only minor scrapes and bumps!


7 new entries arrive in our hall of shame…

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