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It’s all ‘easy does it’ with our EziWrap range. From handy-dandy bundle film to user-friendly dispensers and end caps, this is your pallet wrap accessory one-stop shop.

EziWrap Bundle Wrap

This bundling wrap can be used to replace tape and twine when packaging small items and, unlike tapes, it won’t stick to the product or leave residue. EziWrap is 100% recyclable. It is classified as Code 4 LLDPE plastic which is fully recyclable within the NZ Waste & Recycling system.

EziWrap Heavy Duty Bundle Wrap Dispenser

The stretch wrap dispenser makes hand-wrapping easy too, the telescopic shaft and moulded hand-grip and top handle designed to be user-friendly across different sized rolls.

EziWrap Heavy Duty Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Paired with a trusty hand wrap from our range, the EziWrap Heavy Duty Stretch Wrap Dispenser saves your back from bending and helps you hand wrap with ease.

EziWrap Plastic End Caps

Stop your fingers from burning with end caps.

Interested in another hand wrap option?
See our revolutionary BOLT dispenser and NanoLite hand wrap here.

Per Carton
22300EziWrap Bundle Wrap
100mm x 300m x 20um
22302EziWrap Heavy Duty Bundle Wrap Dispenser1
22200EziWrap Heavy Duty Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser1
22202EziWrap Plastic End Caps – Light Duty2
22204EziWrap Plastic End Caps – Heavy Duty2

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