Good eggs, great bananas and better biomass

Good eggs, great bananas and better biomass

This month our semi-regular column shares some more of the uplifting news from our customers – stories that are worth celebrating!

We’re proud of the innovation and passion that so many of our clients bring to their everyday work. These companies have succeeded thanks to their ability to think beyond the everyday. Understanding that attaining success in the future demands a willingness to change in the present, they’re taking the steps to evolve and improve how things are done.

It’s why they continue to push through both incremental improvements and grand plans. It’s how New Zealand’s leading companies keep up with a fast-changing world, delivering good thinking for great results.


Roaming free

Think commercial egg production and perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is either big barns or bare paddocks with plenty of dust and feathers flying. That’s about to change with the arrival of a future-focused farm near Tokoroa.

Across 139 hectares of land this farm is being made ready for a new level of sustainable production by Better Eggs, who will deliver eggs from here under the Heyden Farms Free Range brand. While there are currently 20,000 birds on site that number will increase over the next five years to where eventually there will be 320,000 laying hens. They will roam amongst 90,000 native and exotic trees, the pine, oak, poplar and eucalyptus varieties also being milled upon maturity.

Eight laying sheds here contain conveyor belts that will move eggs from nesting boxes to packing equipment with highly effective automation. It’s a new way of doing things that truly offers the best of both worlds – the clever thinking behind the sustainability approach and the innovative automation technology. By combining both, the company is delivering some truly eggceptional results.

Ok – so we almost made it through that entire story without making an egg pun. Sorry we cracked.

 Better Eggs website

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Greener bananas

Don’t worry – the bananas the T&G Group deliver to your supermarket will still arrive in excellent condition. These ‘green’ bananas aren’t less ripe. Rather they are the first bananas in New Zealand to be certified as both Fairtrade and Zero Carbon.

The initiative, a partnership between All Good and T&G Fresh, means that every banana displaying the All Good brand is now carbon neutral certified by EKOS. Any impact on the environment is offset with an investment into a forest protection project in the Peruvian Andes.


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Brewery better with biomass

The Timaru plant of DB Breweries has traditionally relied on coal to produce the steam necessary in their brewing process. However the company has pledged to halve their carbon footprint by 2030. So they are now rolling out both big and small changes to ensure this target is hit.

In February the brewery began the changeover to biomass, with 60% of the brewery’s steam requirements made by the new fuel. This is expected to lift to 100% by the end of October. It’s a big step for the Timaru operation – one that required some modifications to the boiler at their Washdyke brewery. The move will result in a big reduction in their carbon footprint however.

It’s not the only change DB is making, with a plan to convert their forklift fleet to electric through this year while gradually transitioning the sales fleet to hybrid vehicles also.

DB resized

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We’re always happy to share news of cool innovation and warm-hearted results. If you’ve got a story you’d like to share with us don’t hesitate to send it through to [email protected] with ‘Good company’ in the subject line.

We’re always happy to share news of cool innovation and warm-hearted results...

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