Jamestrong Auckland Hits It's Straps

Jamestrong Auckland Hits It's Straps

 Jamestrong Auckland Hits It's Straps


When the new Jamestrong plant in Auckland opened in March 2019 the company invested in new equipment to ensure the team there could effectively handle the considerable throughput of the high-speed can manufacturing. One piece of handheld technology is making a positive difference.                


With international demand for infant formula continuing to steadily rise Jamestrong has opened two new plants in as many years in New Zealand. From these state-of-the-art facilities the company is producing millions of hygienic and safe cans ready for filling with formula and export around the world.

To send their wares quickly, efficiently and safely the company needed a combination of highly effective pallet wrap and strapping.



'We highly recommend it to everyone.'

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In Christchurch Universal Packaging had been already working with the company to supply pallet wrap, strapping and pallet wrapping equipment. In Auckland, Jamestrong needed a strapping tool that could secure the cans onto the pallet in no time. The Orgapack OR-T-450 is a heavy-duty hand-strapping tool – a built-tough, strap-it-all unit that can deliver a powerful 400-4500N of tension force. Perfect for the job at hand.

It’s proving to be very successful. Gurpreet Singh, a warehouse operator at the Auckland site, sings high praise of the Orgapack OR-T-450.

“We have been using the strapping tool regularly and it’s time-efficient and very easy to use,” says Singh. “The best thing is that we can adjust the tension according to the package. Which is why we highly recommend it to everyone.”

At Jamestrong this means the busy manufacturer can meet it’s brand promise of ‘precision packaging’ both in products and processes. Such precision is vital when dealing with large quantities of packing.

The new plant in Wiri can currently deliver over 70 million cans annually, and this considerable output is capable of being doubled in future with pre-established space for a second line. With everything strapped right and tight today that future is looking bright.

Universal Packaging are the exclusive distributors of the Orgapack tools in New Zealand. There are three models available to suit all strapping needs. Click here to view the full range.

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